Patriotic People

181 Gold Medals Tell

Seven years have passed since Kim Nam Hui began to work as an instructor of female Taekwon-Do group at Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace. In those years, the young members of her Taekwon-Do group have won 181 gold medals under her instruction.

She, too, learned Taekwon-Do in this group during her girlhood. Merited Athlete Kim Yong Suk, her former instructor at that time, said that Nam Hui’s creative and enterprising attitude to training was the example to be followed by her colleagues.

She acquired difficult movements and perfected special techniques in the group and clinched many gold medals in national and international competitions on several occasions. Later, she was selected to play for the team of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee. While playing an active part there, she was seriously injured under training and had to give up her career as a player.

She was assigned to the above-said group in June 2013. She attached primary importance to teaching everything in an innovative and creative way, doing away outdated teaching methods and stereotypes. In order to help all her pupils develop their own forte and perfect it as suited to their constitutional features and preparedness, she organized practice matches in a diverse way under various simulated situation.

And she explained new tactics by means of multimedia, together with the experience of players with high grade. Her constant thoughts and painstaking efforts began to bear fruits. Many of her disciples bagged gold medals in the junior and juvenile Taekwon-Do competitions of the Sobaeksu Prize national schoolchildren’s games national and the 11th Juvenile Taekwon-Do World Championship. Among them is a Merited Athlete.

She said she would devote her life to training her pupils to be creative and intelligent sports talents with strong mental strength.

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