Economic Development & Construction

The Secret Of Silk Thread Production Boost


Production is on the rise at the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill from the beginning of the year amid the innovation drive of women workers.

To Return Favour

Kim Jong Hyang, silk reeler of silk reeling workshop No. 3, has been overfulfilling her annual plan since 2012.

Especially, she carried out her plans for six years in 2016.

Asked how she could make such miraculous achievements, though small both in stature and height, Kim said:

β€œI met Chairman Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on their visits to our mill and took part in several meetings to have the honour of having photographs taken with the Supreme Leader. This is my cherished pride and motive power that has enabled me to increase production.”

While leading members of the youth workteam in the van, she trained many into skilled workers.

Enterprising Trainee

β€œIt has been only four months since Son Su Rim came to our workshop. Though she is the youngest in the workshop and still keeps her childlike look, she is a competitive and enterprising trainee,” said Kim Yong Ok, silk reeler of silk reeling workshop No. 1.

Son has worked hard since she entered the workshop after finishing the vocational school of the mill. She practiced and practiced without leaving her workplace even after her shift to have deft hands and acquire good spinning skills so as to ensure the normal operation of her machines.

Her goal is to become a highly skilled hand as early as possible and make innovations in the production of quality silk threads.

On Strength Of Unity

Members of workteam No. 2 of silk reeling workshop No. 2 took first place in the intermediate summing-up of the production competition in January.

Last year, too, all of them fulfilled their annual quotas.

The members unanimously attribute the success to workteam leader Jon Kum Sil.

In accordance with the characteristics of the semi-piecework that requires 9-10 workers to cooperate so as to operate machines at full capacity, Jon led the members to work with one accord as she poured warm love to them.

She ensured a high operational rate of machines by forming shifts on the principle of properly combining skilled hands and novices and by encouraging workers to make collective innovations through the campaigns to tend many spindles and help the next shift.

Other veterans also spared no pains to enhance the technical knowledge and skills of novices.

Their unanimous aspiration is to contribute to building an economic giant by producing more quality silk threads on the strength of unity and cooperation.

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