Economic Development & Construction

Taking The Lion’s Share Of Innovation

The April 15 technical innovation shock brigade of the Pyongyang General Electric Cable Factory 326 encourages production with technical innovations.

According to chief engineer Kim Song Un, the shock brigade members take a big share in the development of new products in the factory and many of their developments went into production.

One of their recent developments is copper stretching oil, which is used to make cost-effective and environment-friendly emulsion with a long lifespan as compared to the imported one.

They set up a protective polyethylene production line to improve the quality of coating and introduced an eccentric measuring device using X-rays.

They designed and modeled a bundle of wires for vehicles and established a corresponding production line and produced a bundle of wires for 5-ton truck for the first time in the country.

They also introduced several technical innovation plans into electrolytic copper plate processing, high-purity aluminum production and overall elongation of communication cables.

Especially, they introduced a new method into cable production, saving much energy and time.

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