Schoolchildren on Expedition of 250-mile Journey for National Liberation Arrives in Kanggye

Schoolchildren from across the country are participating in an expedition of the 250-mile journey for national liberation.

After leaving the Township of Hyangsan on Jan. 25, the expedition group arrived in Jagang. It visited the Chongun and Pyolha inns associated with the revolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung.

Going over Myongmun and Kubong Passes, the members of the expedition grasped the revolutionary spirit and patriotic will of the President who covered the 250-mile journey for national liberation, true to the Aim High of Kim Hyong Jik.

They were warmly welcomed and seen off by youth and students, officials and working people.

On Jan. 30, they arrived in Kanggye City. They laid a floral basket and bunches of flowers and made bows before the statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

They went round the revolutionary sites Kanggye Inn and Kanggye Post Office.

On Jan. 31, they left Kanggye City for Phophyong.

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