Children of Korea

Nursery Of Music Prodigies


“The audience was quite mesmerized by their charming performance.” “I have seen the bright future of the DPRK through the wonderful performance.”

These are what the organizers of the 16th Moscow Meets Friends International Festival held in Moscow of Russia late last year said after seeing Korean children’s oungum quartet.

The six-year-old children from the DPRK were extolled by the audience as they distinctively represented Korean folk song Arirang and the quodlibet of Russian songs with the clear, elegant, soft and original tone and diverse techniques of the national musical instrument of oungum.

They were all from Kyongsang Kindergarten in Pyongyang.

The kindergarten selects over 200 children in the city every year to give them special music education according to their aptitudes.

More than 60 young teachers provide children with early education in such musical instruments as piano, violin, cello, oungum, kayagum and small- and big-sized haegum. Most of the teachers are graduates from Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun University of Music.

Children who have learned execution there have flaunted wonderful skills on national and international stages.

“The basic principle of selection of our kindergarten is the talents of children,” said oungum teacher Min Hye Ran.

Many of the artistes who are active at famous art troupes of the DPRK attended this kindergarten.

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