For Producing Larger Quantities of Efficacious Medicines


The workers of the Moranbong Koryo Pharmaceutical Factory in the capital Pyongyang are boosting production from the beginning of January to carry out the tasks presented at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Though small, the factory produces tens of kinds of Koryo medicines including Ryongsinhwan and Saposolum, actively contributing to the improvement of the people’s health.

Last year they put the production processes on a germ- and dust-free basis and perfected the production facilities by themselves, and thus laid a foundation for normalizing the production of Koryo medicines on a high level. And they developed more than ten kinds of efficacious Koryo medicines and introduced them into production.

At present, the factory is organizing the production under a scrupulous plan, while directing efforts to securing raw materials.

It pays primary attention to strengthening the ties between the preceding processes of extraction, enrichment and milling, and ensuring quality. It also operates the equipment at full capacity to increase the production in the mixing and moulding processes. The workers strictly observe the standard regulations of operation in the whole course of producing Koryo medicines from sorting medicinal herbs in order to raise their efficacy.

The requirements of technical regulations are thoroughly met to produce a lot of effective injections.

The factory organizes emulations between workteams and gives substantial assessment to induce all the producers to make Koryo medicines qualitatively on a high level.

Official Kim Kum Sil says: “We will, in the future, too, strengthen the material and technical foundations of the factory and produce lager quantities of efficacious Koryo medicines, thus making a great contribution to the promotion of the people’s health.”

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