Family Spreads Many Phungsan Dogs Of Good Breed

“The pups of our Jinphungsan have spread all over the country,” said Sin Tong Suk living in neighbourhood unit No. 52 in Taesong-dong of Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province.

According to Sin, her family members began to breed Phungsan 10 years ago and produced over a dozen pups every year to send them to all parts of the country including Pyongyang and Nampho, to say nothing of North and South Hwanghae provinces.

Locals call her family a “Phungsan raising folk”.

The call representing their affection for the family who have been breeding the dog named Jinphungsan, the only one of its kind, in the village since some years ago, has now become a synonym for respect and affection towards the family that spreads widely, the national dog and pride of the nation.

Phungsan dogs have received particular love of the Korean people since olden times as they are clever, swift and tenacious and they have widely been known even in neighbouring countries.


Sin Tong Suk regards it as a civil obligation to breed and spread the indigenous dog.

There are a lot of sources of pride in Jinphungsan. As she has good ears, Jinphungsan recognizes the sound of footsteps and mobile phone of her master and rushes out to greet her owner. Since she eats nothing before the owner gives food, she once starved all day long for the owner’s carelessness. The dog transmits her intention to her owner by regulating her howling tone.

Her puppies are known as master hunters.

“Myongphungsan of Sin hunts so well that it killed over 30 wild boars in three years,” said Paek Jong Ryol living in Thosan County of North Hwanghae Province.

According to Paek, when they detect wild boars and other games, Phungsan dogs, unlike ordinary hounds, do not bark but rush into target animals like an arrow to bite their throat until they breathe their last.

“The main thing in widely breeding Phungsan dogs of good stocks is to properly preserve their lineage,” Sin said, adding that she makes Jinphungsan mate with the ones that won the annual Phungsan dog show to produce young.

After weaning the puppies are sent to different regions.

Quoting a folk idiom “One is glad to send away one’s pigs, but sad to send one’s dogs”, Sin said that she would tour various areas to see Phungsan pups or make a phone call to those who have taken puppies from her to know about their growth.

“Love for Phungsan is the unanimous feeling of all the Korean people, I think. Our family will work hard to widely spread the dogs,” said Sin.

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