Why He Was So Pleased


Korean scientists are devoting their creative wisdom and enthusiasm to scientific researches to be conducive to the economic development of the country and the people’s living with the awareness that the ideal and goal of a powerful country lie in the pursuit and devotion to scale the ultramodern science.

Everywhere he went, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un valued the successes, big and small, made by the scientists, expressing a great pleasure.

One day in July Juche 105 (2016), he visited the Pyongyang Terrapin Farm rebuilt on a modern basis and looked it round with an air of satisfaction.

He said with great pleasure that another wealth has been provided to contribute to the improvement of the people’s diet and it has become possible to supply terrapin to the people.

That day he highly praised the farm for having introduced a modern terrapin egg incubator and an unmanned feed supplier into production and thus raised the actual incubation rate and robotized the breeding process.

When he entered the indoor terrapin breeding ground, he found the unmanned feed supplier automatically working to supply feed to the breeding ponds.

He watched working of the unmanned feed supplier for a good while. He beamed all over his face, saying it is a really good idea and it is praiseworthy that scientists of the State Academy of Sciences developed the unmanned feed supplier of Korean style.

He posed for a photo with the officials against the unmanned feed supplier.

Kim Jong Un was so pleased over the unmanned feed supplier as it was a research finding completed by our scientists themselves.

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