Lunar New Year’s Day Marked


The Korean people significantly marked the Lunar New Year’s Day Juche 109 (2020).

At the park in the plaza of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the sacred temple of Juche, where President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il lie in state, the masses paid homage to the portraits depicting their smiling images.

Art performances were given in Pyongyang and local areas.

At the Pyongyang Grand Theatre the artistes of the Phibada Opera Troupe gave a performance of the collection of famous songs and scenes of revolutionary opera, the drama “The Red Snow Is Falling” was given at the National Theatre and artistes of the Pyongyang Circus Theater gave an acrobatic performance at the National Acrobatic Troupe.

Artistes and schoolchildren and other children of South Hwanghae Province and South Hamgyong Province also gave performances.

Folk plays of youth and students took place at Kim Il Sung Square, the Arch of Triumph Plaza, the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium Plaza, Sinuiju Plaza, Kanggye Plaza and other plazas.

In the streets, villages and families, working people from all walks of life enjoyed the holiday, having photos taken, singing folk songs, dancing, playing yut-game and other folk games.

Public service outlets across the country provided colorful holiday services.

Working people had a good time at Mangyongdae Amusement Park, Munsu Water Park, People’s Open-air Ice Rink and Rungna Dolphinarium.

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