Artefacts and People’s Artist Han Jong Chol


The mother-of-pearl works “The Kumsusan Palace of the Sun Seen from Mt. Ami” and “Pyongyang at Night” are typical artefacts of Korea.

The mother-of-pearl work “Pyongyang at Night”, Kim Il Sung Prize Work Laureate, was created in Juche 99 (2010). It clearly shows major structures in Pyongyang City at that time and vividly depicts the splendid night view. This large work is more than 11 metres long and divided into seven panels.

It was highly appreciated by the great leader Kim Jong Il.

The mother-of-pearl work “The Kumsusan Palace of the Sun Seen from Mt. Ami” created in Juche 102(2013) is also a large one that is 16 metres long.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un highly estimated the work, saying it is wonderful and it is a great masterpiece.


The principal creator of those masterpieces is People’s Artist Han Jong Chol, Section Chief of the Artefact Production Unit of the Mansudae Art Studio.

When he entered the Pyongyang University of Fine Arts tens of years ago, Han Jong Chol considered that he, one of the young generation, should carry forward the craftsmanship representing the resourcefulness and talents of the Korean nation.

After he graduated from the university with honours, he began his career at the Mansudae Art Studio in Juche 72 (1983).

Lacquer ware hold a large proportion of his artefacts.

The art of lacquering is a national industrial art of creating works with lacquer as ground and diverse shells of beautiful colours and patterns as ornamental materials.

Industrial art calls for mastering not only painting but also sculpture, materials and designs and its creating speed is not noticeable as compared with painting.

But Han Jong Chol did not give up his efforts for the development of the national industrial art of his choice. People called him an awful enthusiast as he was exerting himself to master the complicated and difficult national industrial art and further develop it according to modern aesthetic sense.

His forte is creating large works delicately and beautifully to the surprise of the people.

His unique and seasoned workmanship was recognized by the industrial art circles.


He created many works such as the mother-of-pearl work “Flower Vase Decorated with the Paektusan Secret Camp”, the lacquer ware “Flower Vase Decorated with Magnolias” and the large lacquered folding screen “Wild Geese at Moonlit Night”.

Those works fully represent the flavour of the nation.

The mother-of-pearl folding screen “Wisteria Flower and Birds” created by him evoked great admiration of the visitors at the Korean Fine Art Exhibition held in Japan.


The magazine “Exhibition of Modern Koryo Celadon and Famous Pictures” issued in Japan wrote that Han Jong Chol had brought out a number of masterpieces designated as national treasure. It added that he made such masterpieces in his 30s, which fully shows the development of the Korean industrial arts today.


People’s Artist Han Jong Chol says: “In the future, I will make strenuous efforts to train a greater number of reserves and to further develop the mother-of-pearl workmanship, a traditional national handicraft of Korea, while retaining its nature.”

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