Farmers Enjoy Winter Vacation At Holiday Camp

Winter vacation is in full swing at farmers’ holiday camps in all parts of the DPRK.

Located halfway up the picturesque mountain of Kyongam in North Hwanghae Province, the Sariwon City farmers’ holiday camp is also packed with holidaymakers.

The camp which is crowned with Korean gabled roofs is as beautiful as a picture when viewed from a distant place as it blends in well with icy Lake Kyongam and folk street, a special beauty of the city.

Holidaymakers do sports activities at the court yard.

According to Won Sol Hyang, director of the camp, sports and amusement games are most popular with vacationers, especially running while carrying a ball on the head, escaping from a ring, tube drawing, running while hearing a sound with covered eyes, volleyball, basketball and table tennis. Most noticeable is a straw-rope twisting game.

“Twisting straw rope is now a thing of the past, but most of the farmers have not forgotten how to twist straw rope which represents the appealing flavour of farm villages,” said Jang Song Nam, farmer at the Mangum Cooperative Farm in Sariwon.

After the games are over, sumptuous foods are served to the holidaymakers.

Cook Han Jong Sim said that they render all sincerity to serve more distinctive dishes to the farmers. Special spreads are offered to those who mark their birthdays during the period of vacation.

Another distinctive routine is the playing of janggi (Korean chess) and yut (four-stick) games at the tunnel-shaped recreation room, which was built in a unique style on a hillside of Mt Kyongam. Happy laughter continues to be heard at the foot of the mountain as the games enable farmers, to enjoy the spectacular view of a new environment and devote themselves to the games with great enthusiasm.

Every evening, they hold a recreation party in a spacious hall of the camp.

The state supplies everything for the camping of vacationers.

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