Socialist Education System

Education Inspires Hope In Future


By Ri Yong Chol

Today, proactive efforts are being directed to putting production lines on an automated and unmanned basis throughout the world.

Robotics has the lion’s share to this end.

Recently, I visited Pyongyang Teachers Training College giving basic general education on robot to primary school pupils.

When I dropped in at a primary school classroom, pupils from Kwangbok Primary School in Mangyongdae District were having a practical training.

A girl student in charge of the practice was explaining the structures and working principles of a lorry and other kinds of vehicles by means of multimedia and robot accessories. When her lecture was over, schoolchildren vied with each other to fabricate objects what they wanted to.

A schoolboy began to type index values of the action program for a remote-controlled tank into a computer, whereas a schoolgirl buckled down to assembling a truck crane with machine parts. But, her fabricated truck failed to move.

At that time, the girl student explained that a man can move a lorry but he should first assemble a robot according to the order set by computer and that it is common sense that a lorry can run fast or slow according to the number of gear teeth. When the truck crane began to move, the schoolgirl burst into cheers.

“First, I thought robot was quite mysterious, but I came to understand its working principles through the practice. I will study harder to become a robot doctor,” said Ri Ja Song, a pupil from Kwangbok Primary School who has received general education about robot.

“Many thanks for an impressive and enlightening visit. I have been able to note many similarities and also differences to our education system and teachers’ training. Particularly interesting to me is the focus on developing creativity in children and the creative use of technology in training teachers. I leave with many new insights and with hopeful thoughts for the future of the children of Korea,” said a member of Swedish delegation after inspecting a practice at the college.

The college is now promoting the work of applying the teaching method to Kwangbok Primary School in Mangyongdae District and Segori Primary School in Pothonggang District and others and kindergartens throughout the country.


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