Newly Taught Breeding Method


The great leader Kim Il Sung visited Changsong County of North Phyongan Province in July Juche 48 (1959).

He acquainted himself in detail with the actual conditions of the county and held a consultative meeting of officials to clearly explain the ways for the development of stockbreeding.

At the consultative meeting he said that Changsong County should develop stockbreeding with the main stress on grass-eating domestic animals, and continued.

It is wrong for many officials in the county to think that they can develop stockbreeding only when they have an open pasture.

It is good if they have an open pasture. But there is no reason why they cannot develop stockbreeding without it. Our country has not many open pastures, but a lot of grass grows in mountains. Where there is no pasture, grass can be cut from mountains to feed domestic animals.

In our mountainous country domestic animals should be bred, divided into small groups. It is possible to raise domestic animals in Changsong if they are grazed according to its topographical conditions.

Saying that tree leaves as well as grass can be used as fodder of domestic animals, Kim Il Sung taught the details of how to feed them with various kinds of leaves.

His instructions of the day was the most reasonable method that can be introduced anywhere under the physiographical conditions of Korea.

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