Field Medical Services in Korea


Medical services are known to be given at the hospital, clinic, sanatorium and other preventive and curative organs. But in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea they are given in the working places as well.

Medical workers visit work places to give medical aids, which is called field medical services.

The Korean medical workers make sincere efforts, regarding it as their duty to always find work for the promotion of the people’s health and devote themselves to its implementation.

This year, too, tens of preventive and curative organs from the capital and provinces are rendering intensive medical services at factories, enterprises, coal mines, farms and construction sites from early January. They went out to units concerned to learn about the working conditions and health of the working people and, on this basis, prepared a lot of necessary medicines and organized treatment teams with competent doctors of different specialized departments.

The teams installed treatment rooms in the working places and render first-aid medical services to the working people and examine their health to take necessary curative measures. And they conduct hygienic information activities during a recess in work. They not only give medical services to the patients in the treatment rooms, but also visit workshops with sincerity.

The working people are grateful to the popular health policy of the state allowing the medical workers to call at their work places and take measures to cure the diseases they were not aware of.

The field medical services greatly encourage the working people boosting production to carry out the tasks set forth at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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