Precious Wealth of Youth


The Korean young people are fully displaying their wisdom and valor in the present offensive for a head-on breakthrough to carry out the tasks set forth at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Among them are those of the Thosong Pharmaceutical Factory.

Though small, the factory is well-known to other countries as well as Korea for its efficacious medicines and health foods.

Most of its employees are girls.

Worker Kim Kum Ran says: “People usually say that youth cannot be bartered for gold. Youth is precious to everybody, I think. It is the unanimous desire of the young people to honour their youth proudly not to regret even in the distant future. That’s why we are working and studying hard, helping and leading each other forward. And our pride grows day by day.”

With the pride of having overfulfilled the yearly plan in 2019, all the employees are making innovations in the production of medicines from the beginning of the new year.

They have been studying at the online college of the Pyongyang University of Medicine with an understanding that they cannot advance even a step without knowing science and technology. Everybody set a goal to present a new technology needed for the production of medicines in their college days. Several scientific ideas have already been materialized into products, enjoying popularity. Encouraged by it, all the employees have turned out with thorough preparations this year.

They also have long been taking good care of a war veteran living near the factory. On the New Year’s Day they visited his home and congratulated him.

The factory praises the girl innovators who are doing good deeds of their own accord. They value the devotion to the country and people, the society and collective more than the honour and praise.

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