A Centre for Training Talented Architects


The Pyongyang University of Architecture in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was established on October 1, Juche 42 (1953).

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un called at the university in November Juche 102 (2013). He said many structures built in all parts of the country are associated with the burning patriotism and creative talents of the teaching staff and students of the university and added that it is a great pride of the Workers’ Party of Korea to have the Pyongyang University of Architecture, a base of competent architects and reliable centre for training talented construction scientists and technicians.


That day, he called the Pyongyang University of Architecture a centre for training talented architects and stressed the need to bring about a fundamental change in education in line with the requirements of the developing reality.

He emphasized that the students of the university should be attentive to their studies with the consciousness of mapping out the blueprint of a civilized socialist country conceived by the Party and with the high ambition and dream of outdoing the famous designers of Korea and the world in the field of architecture.


He said the present era when a great heyday of construction is ushered in is calling talented designers and architects, and added that it is a firm determination and intention of the Party to further strengthen and develop the university into an outpost of building a civilized socialist nation.

True to the noble intention of Kim Jong Un who called at the university and showed deep trust and love to it, the students of the Pyongyang University of Architecture are preparing themselves as future competent architects desired by the country.

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