Science and Technology

Young Scientists Zealous For Pioneering Nation’s Breakthrough


Young researchers of the State Academy of Sciences are filled with the determination to become a beacon light that illuminates the path ahead of economic construction upholding the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Those at the informatics institute launched into a new project after finishing last year’s study for developing a decentralized control system well suited to local conditions and introducing the system into dozens of units including the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort and the Jungphyong vegetable greenhouse farm and tree nursery.

The computational physics lab of the physics institute has buckled down to a new study by drawing on the successes it achieved through basic research into magnesium-hydrogen compounds and Graphene materials.


The device for precisely measuring the level of liquid material in tanks developed by researcher Han Jin Song was introduced into the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex and other major industrial establishments. He is now absorbed in the development of a solar-powered pumping system and greenhouse environment observation device.

Young scientists at the natural energy research institute are working with much enthusiasm. They designed a 2MW-capacity windmill and fixed the position suitable for its installation last year. They also developed a soft methane pocket which is winning favour at offices and dwelling houses in the country.

Han Se Il and other young researchers at the biofuel lab of the institute are intensifying the research into the domestic production of fuels.

“We successfully carried out a geothermal power generation test last year,” said researcher Ryom Kuk Chol. “We will bring out an advanced geothermal generator in the near future.”

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