Dolphinarium Lures Visitors With New Stage Decor

The stage of the Rungna Dolphinarium in Pyongyang has been furnished with new decorative elements.

“Cliffs” and “rocks” have risen up on the beach-like stage that adjoins the large pool reminding viewers of the billowy sea.

“The rocks and cliffs are so lifelike I feel as if I’m seeing dolphins performing stunts in the sea instead of the dolphinarium,” said visitor Kim Song Hui.

According to Jong Ung, director of the dolphinarium, as they remodelled the stage they raised it a bit higher for a better rapport between visitors and dolphins.

On this stage, dolphins gave a performance on New Year’s Day.

They unfolded spectacular stunts in succession, such as beating time with the tail, whirling rings around with the snout, group jumps and the underwater feats of both trainers and dolphins. The underwater feats are displayed on the large electronic screen installed above the stage.

The dolphins readily kiss the women who greet them kindly as if coaxing their little children, but not the men who seem to be unaffable. Such winsome actions and correct arithmetic of the mammals are charming enough to elicit admiration and smile as well.

The seals’ feats enliven the performance.

“At the gesture and wink of the trainers, each seal keeps its balance on a foot, put a volleyball on a stick and takes thrown rings round the neck as it swims forward swiftly. I don’t think I can do such breathtaking feats. Their shooting of balls into the basket reminds me of professional players. They are really terrific,” said schoolboy Pak Song Ryong.

In order to add joy to the audience, the trainers staged an artistic swimming composed of the beautiful dance of “mermaids”, stunts and rhythmic movements of high degrees of difficulty.

The stunts dolphins and seals perform to the tune of light music at the “beach” and the emcee’s witty remarks evoke laughter of all, seducing people to the Rungna Dolphinarium.



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