Story About Ryugyong General Opthalmic Hospital

The Ryugyong General Opthalmic Hospital, located in the hospital village in the Munsu area of Pyongyang, consists of a four-story outpatient ward and an eight-storeyed inpatient ward. It is an up-to-date medical service centre provided with an eye-glass shop which deals with rectification and manufacture of various kinds of spectacles.

It was built thanks to the warm care of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who administers the politics of love for the people.

The Supreme Leader, who spares nothing for the good of the people, initiated the building of a modern general ophthalmic hospital for the people, and personally chose its site and gave instructions concerning its scope and blueprints on several occasions. And he took measures for enlisting a powerful construction force in the project and ensuring the supply of raw and other materials.

He inspected the construction site in May Juche 105 (2016). Noting that it was one of his long-cherished plan and desire to build a general ophthalmic hospital for the sake of the people, he wisely led the efforts to this end.

Busy as he was with the State affairs, he frequently learned in detail about its construction and saw to it that latest equipment and various kinds of fittings were provided for its operation and the material and technical means for its eye-glass shop.

He visited the completed hospital in October 2016. He made the rounds of the wards provided fully with cutting-edge facilities and furnishings and a shop piled up with a variety of spectacles and accessories and optical apparatuses as befits a general ophthalmic hospital. Noting that the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital is a world-class, perfect hospital that makes him pleasant and a people’s hospital of which the DPRK can boast to the world, he said in great satisfaction that he has done what he had wished to do for the people and that another long-cherished desire for them has come true.

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