Absolute Criterion

The new-type of trolley buses running along streets of Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, are associated with the meticulous loving care of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un who was concerned to provide the people with more convenient traffic conditions.

A trial run of new-type trolley bus was made in February Juche 107 (2018).
A few days before, Kim Jong Un had called at the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory and seen the new-type trolley buses made by workers of the factory.

That day, saying he would feel at ease after trying out the new trolley bus, he looked round the city aboard it late at night.

Seeing the exterior of the new trolley bus alone, we cannot know about its performance properly, he said and called on the accompanying officials to carefully examine if there are no shortcomings from the standpoint of the people who would use it.

He estimated the technical conditions of the trolly bus, saying: Aboard the bus, I find it comfortable and reliable. Its shock absorber is good, there are no vibration and noise, and its speed is good.

He continued: We should not only make new buses, but also continue to develop them by steadily upgrading them technically and further perfecting their production processes. Those in the field of capital passenger traffic should have the mass viewpoint and spirit of devoted service to the people, always regarding their demand and estimation as an absolute criterion and obeying it thoroughly.

They should make active efforts to provide the people with full convenience in traffic in cold winter in particular, he stressed.

The life of the Korean people will be much richer under the loving care of Kim Jong Un who gives top priority to and absolutizes their convenience and interests.

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