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Living Monument – Winter Bird Habitat in West Sea Barrage


The winter bird habitat in the West Sea Barrage, located in Nampho City, covers a 1-km area on both sides of the road from the Waudo Pleasure Ground to Ryongnam-ri.

For rich distribution of such plants as stocks of Salicornia herbacea, Suaeda glauca, Suaeda japonica, reed and cattail in the swamp, pools and salt fields. The area serves as a good habitat for the winter birds.

There live over 90 species of water birds such as gull and greve. Several species of ducks, including mallard, dabchick and spectacled teal, and flocks of migratory birds, including whooper swan, swan, and black swan, winter there.

It is also a stopover place and habitat for various species of birds, including bean goose, white-fronted goose, blue goose, brent goose, fish hawk, white-tailed sea eagle, white-winged eagle and golden eagle.

The habitat is under conservation as a living monument of the country.

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