Economic Development & Construction

We’ll Support Economic Development With Increased Production


By Jang Chol Hyok, department director of the Ministry of Coal Industry

The militant call of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea that key industrial sectors should break through head-on the manifold difficulties and bring about a substantial upsurge in production is inspiring our coal miners with great confidence and courage.

All the coal miners throughout the country have turned out like one to implement the tasks advanced in the plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee.

Especially, the coal mines in Tokchon, Pukchang, Tukjang, Sunchon and Kaechon areas that take charge of the supply of coal for thermal power stations are in high spirit.

With the sound of continuous drilling and blasting emitted in every coal pit, excellent records have been registered since the first day’s production of the new year.

This year, the goal to be attained by the coal industry is high and enormous. Many obstacles and difficulties stand in our way advancing towards reaching the goal.

But all the coal miners of the coal industry will carry out their production plans without fail upholding the slogan ‘‘Let us break through head-on all the barriers to our advance!’’ put forward by the the plenary meeting.

This year, the basic task facing us is to give top priority to the supply of coal for thermal power stations so that they can put production on a normal track.

We will put an end to a hand-to-mouth investment without recourse to our own potentials and consolidate production foundations one by one while visualizing the future.

We will help all the coal mines keep prospecting ahead of other works, concentrate all efforts on tunnelling, perpetuate tunnels and put the supply of material and technical conditions on a par with production, so as to boost coal production on a constant basis. We will also make sure that every coal pit increases production by proactively introducing advanced hewing methods.

This year we will automate the transporting process at a higher level so that the mass mining and transporting system can keep proving effective in all the coal mines across the country, ensure full operation of conveyor belts and timely establish the cableway transporting process in the pits where the construction of conveyor belts is impossible to build up the conveying capacity of coal.

To provide the coal miners with more affluent material and cultural living conditions by reenergizing supply service bases is one of the important works that we should undertake.

We will fully meet the demand needed for economic development and people’s life by rearranging the production foundations of the coal industry and tapping all the possible production potentials so as to respond to the militant appeal of the Party which called all the people to an offensive for making a breakthrough head-on aimed at opening a new road for socialist construction with increased coal production.

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