Noble Will He Hardened on Mt. Paektu

Mt. Paektu is the sacred mountain of revolution where the Korean revolution started and took its root.

The Korean people always keep deep in their hearts Mt. Paektu which is associated with the immortal history of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle of the great leader Kim Il Sung and where the glorious revolutionary tradition of the Workers’ Party of Korea was provided.

One day in May Juche 61 (1972), the great leader Kim Jong Il climbed up Mt. Paektu, the sacred mountain of the revolution.


That day, the wind blew hard and avalanches rushed down the mountainside at any time.

Officials were worried about his safety. So they asked him to ascend the mountain on a fine day later.

However, Kim Jong Il said: Compared to the arduous march during the anti-Japanese armed struggle, our climbing now is quite easy. Do you know why I intend to climb up Mt. Paektu on such a day? It is because I want to more deeply learn even from my heart in what arduous trials the revolutionary spirit of the Paektu was made.

When we look back upon the arduous march while exposing ourselves to the fierce snowstorm of the Paektu and forcing our way through snow, we can deeply understand what difficult path the Korean revolution has covered and easily overcome any trials and difficulties in the way of the revolution in the future.

Looking at the spectacular Mt. Paektu on its top, Kim Jong Il recollected with deep emotion the unforgettable stories during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle waged by Kim Il Sung.

He said: Kim Il Sung braved the difficulties beyond human imagination. This is the revolutionary spirit of the Paektu. In other words, it is an unyielding offensive spirit of bridging over all difficulties and a staunch fighting spirit of rising up no matter how often one may fall.

Let’s live and fight in the revolutionary spirit of the Paektu forever. This is the resolve I hardened on Mt. Paektu today, he declared.

The instructions given by Kim Jong Il on the day were precious instructions that gave the truth of faith that the revolutionary spirit of the Paektu is a noble spirit all the Korean people should have and that when they fight in the spirit, they fear nothing and they can do anything.

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