Economic Development & Construction

Construction of Hydropower Stations Promoted

The Korean people have turned out as one in the frontal breakthrough to open a new avenue of socialist construction in order to carry out the tasks outlined in the historic 5th Plenary Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

People in Kangwon Province have continued to make model experiences after appealing an emulation drive of self-reliance to the whole country. They are actively speeding up the construction of hydropower stations in order to solve the issue of electricity which is most urgent in the development of the local economy.

Though everything is insufficient and difficult, Kangwon Province is building large-scale hydropower stations by itself in succession to develop the local economy and improve the life of its people.


On the basis of the experiences, the province set a high goal to finish the construction of the Kosong, Sepho, Ichon, Munchon, Hoeyang and Phyonggang Army-People Power Stations qualitatively on a high level in the nearest future and has pushed ahead with it.

The builders in charge of the dam project finished building the mixture production process and installing dam crane in a short span of time, which would take several months according to an established custom. In this way they made innovative successes one after another. They also greatly sped up the reinforcement and form assembly, forcefully accelerating the dam project. They took all necessary measures such as mobilization of mechanical means and proper supply of materials, ensuring speed and quality.

In order to promote the waterway tunnel and water-draining projects the builders steadily increased the tunnelling speed through continuous drilling and sequence blasting. Pooling their creative wisdom and passion, they introduced rational working methods in succession, which can increase the speed of project while saving a lot of materials.

Achievements were also made by the builders in charge of the difficult generator room and hydraulic structures projects with complex processes and very high technical demand.

They set a proper main link in keeping with the simultaneous projects and invented and manufactured efficient equipment by themselves and thus made innovations in the construction of generator room structure and the drainage canal project every day.

Thanks to the high enthusiasm of the builders to finish their projects qualitatively on the highest level in the nearest future, the construction of the Ichon Army-People Power Station was finished with success by last year and the construction of the Munchon Army-People Power Station is nearing completion.

Now the people in Kangwon Province are tiding over the difficulties in the way of the construction of power stations with the might of self-reliance by thoroughly applying the basic spirit of the 5th Plenary Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the WPK calling for making a breakthrough head-on without waiting for the situation to be better with folded arms.

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