Noble Obligation

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un with noble moral obligation highly respects the revolutionary forerunners and honours the feats performed by the soldiers of the People’s Army for the country.

Saying that the rising generations should brilliantly carry forward the fighting spirit of the former generations, he saw that the anniversary of victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War is celebrated significantly every year.

The Fourth National Conference of War Veterans was held in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Juche 104 (2015) on the occasion of the Victory Day July 27.


Kim Jong Un called the delegates of war veterans to Pyongyang to celebrate the Victory Day significantly and showed warm affection to them, minding even their bedding and menu so that they had no inconvenience during the conference.

And he delivered a congratulatory speech at the conference.

In his speech, he said: The war veterans are priceless treasures of the country. Our party respects them not only as death-defying defenders of the country but as laudable revolutionary elders and educators who instil the spirit of resolute defence of the country in the ranks of their successors marching forward towards final victory, and it pays high tribute to them.

He praised the war veterans as laudable heroes of the nation and genuine patriots, had a photo taken with the delegates and kindly sent gifts to them.

In October Juche 102 (2013) brave seamen died a sudden death in the discharge of their duty on the East Sea.

Kim Jong Un issued an order to search the fathomless depths of the sea for their bodies to the last one and hold a good funeral for them.

When their stone pictures were put on the gravestones, he visited their tomb and said that the revolutionary spirit of the brave soldiers who sacrificed their precious lives without hesitation in the defence of the sea of the country will be carried forward forever and that it is necessary to follow their feats and noble mentality.

That day he stated that there should be owner of the tomb in the gravestone and he will be the owner of their tomb.

The world tells many touching stories about love and obligation but not about the supreme commander who became the owner of a tomb of fallen soldiers.

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, the history of noble love and obligation will continue in Korea.

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