Economic Development & Construction

Disposition of Korea

The Samjiyon area in the northern part of Korea has been completely changed into a modern mountain city.

It is associated with the history of the anti-Japanese war of the great leader Kim Il Sung and has the birthplace of the great leader Kim Jong Il. And there is Mt. Paektu, an ancestral mountain associated with the resourcefulness and soul of the Korean nation.

As it is a significant and historic place, the Samjiyon area is kept deep in the hearts of the Korean people as a sacred place of the revolution.

It was a unanimous mind of the Korean people to build the sacred place of the revolution to be perfect even in distant future.

The Korean people regard the successful refurbishment of the Samjiyon area as a miracle of construction and a great event of the present times.


It is because the huge project was completed in a short period despite the tenacious obstructive moves of the hostile forces, the intense northern cold which allows only a few months’ construction a year and the unfavourable natural and geographical conditions that a lot of materials needed for construction had to be carried from a long distance.

Through the project, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea showed again its strong disposition of doing anything unconditionally when it is determined to do with the might of the firm single-minded unity around the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

On the other hand, it clearly showed to the hostile forces undesirous of prosperity of Korea that any obstructive moves do not work on the gigantic strength of self-reliance of the Korean people.

Herein lies the disposition of Korea any countries of the world can neither have nor imitate.

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