‘We Will Bring Home More Gold Medals’


By Pak Yong Mi, woman wrestler at the Pyongyang Sports Club

We, sportspeople, are now full of a resolve to dash forward towards greater victory in the New Year.

Last year we won 180 gold medals in international competitions, flying the three-colour national flag in the sky of the world and exalted the dignity of the country.

I think it is only sportspeople who raise the national flag on the world stage in peacetime and it is our pride and honourable mission.

Last year I clinched the world women’s 53kg wrestling title.

I got a hero’s welcome on my return from the world championships. I can never forget the great excitement and joy I felt that day.

I think it was because I won a sweeping victory in the final match by defeating the opponent 12-1 and demonstrated the characters and stamina of the Korean people.

The looks of all people in the country as well as my parents and villagers, who work hard to open the way to prosperity by their efforts in the face of all kinds of difficulties, gave me a great encouragement and threw full weight behind me.

In the New Year our people have taken a big step forward in hearty response to the ardent call Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un made for breaking through head-on all the barriers to our advance at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

I am determined to bring honour to the country again by training harder and polishing my special techniques to keep pace with the energetic forward march of our people.

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