Warm Love for Orphans

The Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans is in the suburbs of Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.


The school with the best educational environment and living conditions is a cradle of happiness of children built under the care of the Workers’ Party of Korea which regards the work for the rising generations as the most important of the Party and state affairs.

In February Juche 106 (2017) the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the newly-built Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans.


Looking with pleasure at the full view of the school built wonderfully according to feelings of the children, he praised that it had been built really well and looked round different places including school building and dormitory.

He expressed satisfaction over the classrooms put on a multi-functional and IT basis and different kinds of sufficient teaching tools, and saw children studying mother tongue.

And he learned in detail about the teaching method of the teacher, the use of teaching aids, the cognitive faculty of pupils and the quality of their textbooks and notebooks.

He went round the bedrooms, dining hall, barber’s shop and different other places of the dormitory to see if the orphans live in comfort.

That day, he instructed on raising the teachers’ qualifications and stressed time and again that the teaching staff should become parents of the orphans to give them various kinds of thorough education needed for their character building and life.

It is only our Party that the orphans would believe in and rely on, he said and earnestly told the officials and teaching staff of the school to take good care of the children putting his mind together so that they could grow uprightly, vividly, brightly and cheerfully without any sorrow and gloom.

That day he had a picture taken with the children and teaching staff of the school.

Today the children of the Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans are studying to their hearts’ content at the cradle of learning and happiness overflowing with warm love and affection of Kim Jong Un.

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