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Seals on Pipha Islet


There is Pipha Islet, 4.3 km in circumference, in the sea off Rason City in the northeastern part of Korea. Its name pipha originated from the fact that it looked like a lute-shaped musical instrument of old days.

Pipha Islet boasts the beautiful scenery with a dense forest and mysteriously-shaped cliffs and rocks along the coast, and the sea offers an abundance of aquatic creatures such as trepangs, sea urchins and mussels. Tourists from the city frequent the island linked by a bridge.

What is more impressive experience for the tourists is to see seals.

Seals are lying leisurely on the rocks with their sparsely-dotted white bellies while some exposing their heads above the sea. They pull their plump bodies forward on the rocks with their front limbs, and the next moment slide into the water to swim with agility.

The water area of Josan Bay, including Pipha Islet, offers an excellent ecological environment for seals and other sea creatures.

Environmental contamination, one of the biggest headaches for the international community, threatens the seals with the limit of their habitats and decline in number.

However, the seals on Pipha Islet live in peaceful and clean natural environment, and a growing number of them will welcome the tourists to the islet.

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