Famous Waterfalls of Korea


Mt. Kumgang, a celebrated mountain of Korea, has a magnificent and beautiful falls with crystal-clear water falling ceaselessly from tens of-metre-high cliff. It is the Kuryong Falls, one of the famous waterfalls of Korea.

The Kuryong Falls is more than 70 metres high.

It falls down from the concavity of a sheer cliff, sending up clouds of spray. It looks like a roll of white silk hanging down. It is really spectacular.

At the foot of the falls is a stone mortar-shaped Kuryong Pond which was dug 13 metres deep by the cascading force. It has a legend that once upon a time, there lived nine dragons defending Mt. Kumgang. So it is said to be called Kuryong Falls and Kuryong Pond.

Along with the Kuryong Falls, the Pagyon Falls in Kaesong City is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Korea.

It is 37 metres high and 1.5 metres wide.

The speed of the falling water is fast and its sound is thunderous. The falls sends up clouds of spray, making the scenery more beautiful.

On the top of the falls is a pond called Pagyon which is about 24 metres round, 8 metres across and 5 metres deep. At the foot of the falls is Komo Pool coned out by the cascading water, which is about 120 metres round and 40 metres across.

The magnificent falls is more beautiful as it is surrounded by a sheer cliff in the south and rocky cliffs standing like a folding screen. In spring azalea, royal azalea, apricot and wild pear blossoms are in full boom, in summer it is thick with foliage and in autumn it is covered with leaves all red and yellow, adding beauty to the falls.

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