Economic Development & Construction

Solid Material and Technical Foundations, Secret of Prosperity


“Our company lagged behind some ten years ago, but now it is known as a unit that thrives by its own efforts,” said Ri Un Chol, director of the North Phyongan Provincial Long-distance Passenger Vehicle Company that is located in the border city of Sinuiju.

With well over a hundred vehicles like lorries, buses and cars, the company transports materials for major construction projects and passengers.

According to senior engineer Kim Chol Hyok, the arrangement and guidance of transport for all the vehicles are made and provided under the integrated management system which enables the company management to control all its vehicles moving in and outside the province in real time.

The integrated management system program developed by the company contains detailed information about the correlations between all important factors affecting long-distance service such as the technical features of relevant roads, the appropriate speed and distance of vehicles, their technical performances, their intelligent coefficient when under seasonal influence and the technical knowledge and skills of drivers.

All information is displayed in real time, including the current position of running vehicles, the distance they ran, their departure and arrival times and the amounts of fuel supply and consumption.

“As a result, we use much less fuel and vehicle parts than previously, saving more than 100 tons of fuel annually,” said Kim Chol Hyok.

A wireless transmission counter has been introduced into transport by car.

The counter transmits all data about service to the company’s server, including the number of runs, the distance covered with or without passengers and fare. Its production cost is over 70 percent lower than that of imported ones.

“This year, our company made and introduced a front wheel side slip stand for the first time in the country to increase the lifespan of wheels and decrease the risk of accident,” said repairman Han Myong Gun. “With the help of information transmitted from the counter, we keep abreast of the conditions of all our vehicles and take necessary measures in time.”

It also replaced the petrol engines of all buses amounting to dozens with diesel engines to create huge reserves and set up a nice repair base.

It makes an effective use of its some 5,000 square meters of area.

On the rooftop of its building there are windmills, solar panels, pigpens, chicken coops, a catfish pond and a vegetable greenhouse and in the basement are a fish pond and mushroom cultivation ground.

The company director said that they annually produce a large quantity of pork, catfish, eggs and vegetables by employing scientific farming methods including food production cycle to contribute to improving the employees’ dietary life.

It has been rated as one of the ten model informatization units this year, too, in the wake of last year, highly appreciated at different sci-tech festivals, exhibitions and presentations and awarded the title of model technical innovation unit twice.

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