Noble Scene Witnessed on Mt. Osong


Greeting the day when the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un was appointed as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (Dec. 24), the Korean people warmly look back upon his immortal exploits for the strengthening of the military muscle.

Giving field guidance to many units of the Korean People’s Army, Kim Jong Un has strengthened the KPA into an army with strong idea and faith and into a genuine people’s army making devoted efforts for prosperity of the country and happiness of the people.

Everywhere he went, he took a meticulous care of the soldiers with his warm love for and trust in them.


The following happened in the days of his field guidance.

In June Juche 102(2013), Kim Jong Un visited posts in Mt. Osong.

On the top of Mt. Osong after crossing the rugged passes with steep 152 bends, he was briefed by a commanding officer on the duty of his unit and the then situation and expressed great satisfaction over the full preparedness for combat action.

That day he called at the posts, paying deep concern to the life of servicepersons.

At a post, he said there is nothing to spare for the servicepersons on the forefront and added that the measures taken for them should prove effective and the commanding officers should work harder and harder to provide them with better living conditions.

And he gave the company a pair of binoculars, an automatic rifle and a machine gun as souvenirs and had a picture taken with each of the servicepersons.

He said: “As the soldiers on the forefront are defending the gate to the country impregnably, our people sleep in peace and I feel reassured. I firmly believe in you.”


That day Kim Jong Un dropped in at a post where the servicepersons were standing against the enemy, aiming their guns at each other.

The accompanying officials tried to persuade him not to go to the post as it was a very dangerous place only 350 meters from the enemy’s position. However, he went up to the post, saying he seems to be unwilling to leave the post without seeing the servicepersons on Mt. Osong.

The servicepersons shed tears, stamping their feet when they saw him at the dangerous place with the enemy’s muzzle within eyeshot.

Kindly pressing their hands, Kim Jong Un warmly said: “Behind you, there is the road to your hometowns where your beloved parents, brothers and sisters are living. You should always remember it. The Commander-in Chief is together with you all the time.”

Then he had a picture taken with the servicepersons at the post.

This is how the soldiers had a picture taken with him, shedding tears and laughing, at so dangerous a place.

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