Amusement Facility He Tried Out in Person

It happened in April Juche 99 (2010).

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the rebuilt Kaeson Youth Park in company with the great leader Kim Jong Il.

That day Kim Jong Il, looking round the amusement facilities in the Amusement Park of Kaeson Youth Park, heard the explanation of an official before a roller coaster and said: Although the safety of this amusement facility has been thoroughly guaranteed, the officials should try it out first in order to let the people use it at ease.

Then Kim Jong Un headed for the roller coaster together with the accompanying officials.

The safety of the roller coaster with fast speed running along the track with steep slant and curve was still being tested. So the officials persuaded him not to take it.

But Kim Jong Un laughed pleasantly, saying: I have to try it out first because it is an amusement facility to be used by the people. It’s the time to be brave, isn’t it?

That day, Kim Jong Un tried it out to learn about the facilities in the Amusement Park. A few days later on April 25, he called at the Kaeson Youth Park again in company with Kim Jong Il.

It was Sunday.

Without having a rest, however, Kim Jong Un tried out a number of amusement facilities and gave the officials specific instructions on the problems arising in the management of the Amusement Park.

Kim Song Hyok, Deputy Director General of the General Bureau of Pleasure Park, says: “The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un finds his pleasure in the people’s happiness. He had wonderful funfairs and pleasure grounds built in all parts of the country and in order to confirm the safety of the amusement facilities, he tried them out as the first guest.

He tried out the amusement facilities in the Kaeson Youth Park and those in the Rungna Amusement Park before others.

It is not accidental, after all, that the people enjoy themselves at a number of funfairs and pleasure grounds in all parts of the country.”

Now the people’s happiness is growing day by day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea under the care of Kim Jong Un who is devoting his all to the people.

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