Economic Development & Construction

Third-Day Session of 5th Plenary Meeting of 7th C.C., WPK Held


The third-day sitting of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held on December 30.

Chairman of the WPK Kim Jong Un continued his report.

In the report, he presented principled issues for strengthening the Party and enhancing the role of the senior officials.

He referred to the specific tasks and ways to further strengthen the Party organizationally and ideologically, raise its leadership ability remarkably as the general staff of the revolution and consolidate and develop it as a militant Party full of vim and vigour in keeping with the demand of the developing revolution.

He called on the officials to thoroughly implement the leadership and idea of the Party without condition and make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people with high ideal and ambition.

Chairman Kim Jong Un made a seven hour-long comprehensive report at the plenary meeting on the work of the Central Committee of the WPK, state building, economic development and building of armed forces.

In his historic report, he dwelt upon straightening the economic work system and order, the tasks of major industrial sectors of the national economy, decisively increasing the agricultural production, improving science, education and public health, conducting a vigorous movement for increased production and economy and for raising quality, protecting ecological environment and taking thorough measures to prevent natural disasters, preparing active and offensive political, diplomatic and military countermeasures for the sovereignty and security of the country, intensifying the struggle against the anti-socialist and non-socialist practices, improving the work of the working people’s organizations and establishing a moral discipline throughout the society, strengthening the Party and steadily raising its leadership ability, enhancing the role of the senior officials and all other issues arising in the whole affairs of the Party and state and clarified the orientation and ways to implement them.

Saying that the WPK has made up its mind to wage another arduous and long struggle for the final victory of the revolution and better life of the great Korean people, he called for dynamically opening the route of victorious advance to realize the ambition and ideal of building a powerful socialist country before concluding his report.

The entire participants expressed full support to his report which presented a correct blueprint for opening a new avenue of advance of Korean-style socialism.

The historic report made by Chairman Kim Jong Un at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the WPK is a militant banner to remove all sorts of challenges and obstacles in the way of our advance, make a bigger stride of revolutionary advance and accomplish the great cause of prosperity with self-reliance at an early date by strengthening the internal motive force in every way.

Excited at the great strategic idea and grandiose action programme of the Korean revolution clarified by him, the participants took an active part in the discussion of the agenda concerned in support of all the analysed issues and new tasks and expressed a firm determination and will to resolutely implement them.

The plenary meeting went into the study of the draft resolution on the agenda concerned and the important document to be discussed as the next agenda.

The meeting continues.

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