Economic Development & Construction

A Year Adorned with Brilliant Leadership

The year Juche 108 (2019) shines with the history of leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who has led the socialist construction to a brilliant victory under the banner of bringing about prosperity by dint of self-reliance.

In his New Year Address for 2019 he put forward the militant slogan “Let us open a new road of advance for socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance!” and inspired all the people to a grand onward march for self-reliance.

This year, too, the challenge of injustice kept on to check the progress and development of the DPRK. Busy as he was with State affairs, the Supreme Leader visited the construction sites in Wonsan and Samjiyon cities and Yangdok County time and again to lead the campaigns for completing the gigantic projects.

Inspecting the Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area under construction in April, he stressed the need to ensure the quality of execution at the highest possible standard in every element and point of all structures so that they can stand comparison even after 50 or 100 years since it is a construction project that the Workers’ Party of Korea carries on by investing huge funds and manpower for the sake of the people with firm determination.

In order to build the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort into a multi-functional, all-purpose sporting and cultural complex for the people, he visited the construction site in April, August and October to solve all problems on a priority basis and ensured that not a slightest defect should be allowed. He went over 2,000 designs for the resort in order to build it into a model and standard of modern architecture with a perfect harmony of Juche character, national identity and originality.

He was informed every week and every month of how the large-scale Jungphyong vegetable greenhouse farm and tree nursery were being built in Kyongsong County in the northern tip of the country. Touring the construction site in October he underscored the need for the farm to prove its vitality as a highly intensive vegetable production base in production.

In the face of scorching weather in midsummer and biting cold in midwinter in the northern part of the country, he visited the construction site of Samjiyon City in Ryanggang Province several times to transform it into a standard and model of modern mountainous city. Acquainting himself in detail with the building of dwelling houses for the local people, schools, hospital and locally-run factories, he gave meticulous instructions for completing the project at the highest level as intended by the Party.

He cut the ribbons at the inaugural ceremonies of facelifted Samjiyon City, the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Tree Nursery and the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort said in great satisfaction that the Party’s plan to make the people enjoy high civilization under socialism to their heart’s content as early as possible has come true.

This year, too, he inspected Kumyagang Power Station No. 2, Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory, factories in Jagang Province, August 25 Fishery Station, Thongchon Fish-processing Station and many other units across the country to indicate the best way of overcoming difficulties and making a leap forward and instilled fresh confidence and courage into the minds of the people.

During his visits to industrial establishments, he ensured that they, regarding science and technology as a treasured sword for prosperity, operated their sci-tech learning spaces regularly and effectively so as to prepare all the working people as the developers of science and technology and intelligent workers.

At Farm No. 1116 and Sinchang Fish Farm, he underlined the need to raise a hot wind for scientific farming and fishing, and called on all fields and units to train their own technological development forces and talents possessed of sci-tech knowledge in their sectors and versatile knowledge. Thanks to his leadership, this year witnessed remarkable increase of scientific and technological strength of the country and further acceleration of the speed of advance of the Korean revolution by dint of science and technology.

The Supreme Leader went round the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu.

He said that the reason he spared time to look round the revolutionary battle sites this time was to establish the social atmosphere of further intensifying the education in the revolutionary traditions, adding that this is aimed to instill the indefatigable revolutionary spirit of Paektu into the Party members and other working people, service personnel of the People’s Army and youths and students in line with the requirements of the present situation and environment of the Korean revolution in which the entire Party and the whole army and all the people have turned out in the drive for building a powerful socialist country with the indomitable mental strength of self-reliance by regarding the line for self-prosperity advanced by the Party as their lifeline, despite the unprecedented blockade and pressure imposed by the imperialists, and also in line with the needs for the harshness and protracted character of the Korean revolution. He underlined once again the need to defend and embody in all fields the revolutionary traditions of Paektu, the encyclopedia of the Korean revolution and the eternal asset for the Korean nation.

In the wake of October, he climed again the sacred Mt Paektu, the cradle of the Korean revolution, symbol of victory and eternal beacon.

Feasting his eyes on the facelifted Samjiyon City, the first village at the foot of Mt Paektu, he said with confidence that, no matter what persistent efforts the enemy may make, we can be well off with our own efforts and pave the avenue to development and prosperity in our own way, adding that this is the review of the year 2019 in which greater leap forward resplendent with miracles and feats was made despite trials and difficulties.

This year he made ceaseless journeys of devotion for his people, rain or shine, irrespective of midnight and dawn, travelling different parts of the country from the northern tip of the country to the east coastal area and then to the west coastal area. Under his leadership, the DPRK has given full scope to its unlimited potential for development and eloquently proved the invincibility of the Korean-style socialism.

Through their struggle in 2019, the Korean people cherished as the iron truth that the road they travel under his guidanced leads them to victory and glory, and hardened their determination to speed up more vigorously the building of a socialist power with great pride and self-confidence of holding him at the helm of the revolution.



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