Economic Development & Construction

Spa Resort Provides Sporting and Amusement Services

The Yangdok Hot Spring Resort is counted as the most suitable place for natural therapy in the country.

The hot spring has high pharmacological and curing effects as it is mildly alkaline and contains simple silica, sulphur and fluorine with a great deal of sulphuric substances and very little radon. It is also recognized as a contamination-free spring as it contains no ammonium, nitrous acid, nitrate ion or pathogenic microorganism.

It has been famous from olden times as it is particularly efficacious against eczema, neurodermatitis and neuralgia, promotes human growth and prevents joint disorders and arteriosclerosis.

Everything in the resort is alluring: sanatorium buildings standing cosily and charmingly amid the fragrant pine forests, ski slopes covered with shiny snow and a horse riding ground favoured by both adults and children.

Spa baths are more stunning.

Indoor spa baths are light and spacious as they are roofed in a way that natural light is provided. Nicely-built walkways lead to a variety of exquisite spa baths including terraced and detached ones and those for children.

There is a place for boiling eggs with the hot spring water, which enables holidaymakers to evaluate themselves its temperature, pharmacological action and quality as they experience the charm of Yangdok hot spring containing many valuable ingredients.

The Yangdok Hot Spring Resort is also a multifunctional sports and leisure activity centre in which ski slopes, a horse training ground and riding park go well with spa baths.

The Yangdok area consists of two steep slopes and a comparably gentle slope.

Beside the third slope is the one for children’s sleigh-riding.

An attendant said that riders can shake off their internal disorders and develop broad-mindedness, bravery and enterprising spirit in the horse training ground.

Those who have got familiar with horses can ride along the cross-country tracks and walkways.

The attendant said that after skiing and riding horses, holidaymakers head toward spa baths and the Yangdok hot spring service centre to relieve stress and strain.

At the centre, there are sand baths, fitness rooms furnished with exercise apparatuses, an indoor golf course, billiard rooms, a folk game hall, restaurants and spa baths as well.

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