Popular Polices Are Guaranteed by Law in the DPRK

December 27 is the day of the Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The constitution guarantees by the law the right of life which can be enjoyed by the popular masses, masters of the national sovereignty.

In tax-free Korea the increasing material wealth of society is directed entirely to promoting the well-being of the working people, masters of the national sovereignty and the means of production.

Researcher Rim Kyong Yop at the Law Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences says: “In order to abolish the tax system the state gradually lowered the income tax born by workers and office workers from 1955. It also reduced the agricultural tax in kind and completely abolished it between 1964 and 1966. And in 1974 it adopted and enforced the law on completely abolishing the tax system. Since then, the DPRK has become the only tax-free country in the world and the popular policies of the state are invariably enforced.”

The Korean people are living without tax burdens. They are fully enjoying a happy life under a number of state benefits.


The houses built at the state expense are provided to ordinary working people gratis everywhere in towns and countryside.

In recent years many modern houses have been built in all parts of the country including Mirae Scientists Street and Ryomyong Street in the capital city Pyongyang and Samjiyon City of Ryanggang Province. It is a clear proof of the popular policies of Korea.

The Korean people are living in the houses built at the state expense without knowing rent. They get their children to study even at university free of charge. The state bears all the expenses of the children from their birth to graduation from university through the nursery, kindergarten, primary school, junior and senior middle school courses.


Besides, the Korean people enjoy such popular policies as the universal free medical care system by state expense, paid maternity leave for women, and recuperation and relaxation systems and social insurance and security systems for working people.

Rim Kyong Yop says: “All the popular policies enforced by the state have been stipulated in the Socialist Constitution and thoroughly guaranteed by law, giving priority to the interests and happiness of the people absolutely.”

The DPRK is the most superior socialist system where the popular policies are guaranteed by law. That is why the Korean people regard it as valuable as their life and devote everything to prosperity of the country.


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