For Increased Production of Tasty Basic Foodstuffs

The 9th National Exhibition of Liquor and Basic Foodstuffs was held in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, in November Juche 108 (2019).

Displayed there were more than 16,000 bottles of liquor and basic foodstuffs. The basic foodstuffs which drew public attention included products of the Haeju Condiments Factory. They had good tastes, nice colours and unique packing styles.

They were as good as those produced at factories in the capital because the Haeju Condiments Factory had given priority to science and technology to steadily improve the quality of the products. Recently, it introduced more than 10 technical innovation plans and improved the quality of basic foodstuffs. It made active efforts to develop new products, increasing the indices of basic foodstuffs up to more than 20 from a few in the past.

The technical innovation of the factory is directed to robotize and automate the production processes.


Manager Ri Ju Yon says: “The factory is steadily pushing forward the mass technical innovation movement through active introduction of valuable technical innovation plans into production. It introduced a digital system for automatically controlling the temperature of fermentation tank and manufactured a direct-current unmanned freight car and a weight-sensing automatic raw material forwarding devices to put the basic foodstuff production processes on an IT and unmanned basis and make an active contribution to increased production.”

Especially, the factory manufactured and introduced an automatic control device and electricity-saving sterilizer in order to better the taste of soy and bean paste. The glutinous rice hot pepper paste, garlic hot pepper paste, meat hot pepper paste and other red peppered and ordinary bean paste and soy made by the factory enjoyed popularity among inhabitants.

The factory also produces nice-looking and convenient containers by itself.
It is preparing the employees as technical innovators and intellectual-style working people as demanded by the developing times.

It operates a sci-tech learning space for the employees to know well the trend of the development of foodstuff industry and take an active part in the technical innovation and encourages them to learn in the study-while-working educational system. As a result, their technical knowledge and skills are improved day by day.


The enthusiasm for scientific pursuit was raised higher amid the socialist emulation between work-teams to improve the quality of products, and the factory received many certificates of invention, technical findings and scientific and technological achievement registration and introduction.

The employees of the Haeju Condiments Factory are boosting the production of tasty basic foodstuffs favoured by inhabitants with the consciousness that technical innovation is the way to improve the quality of products and the reserves for increased production.

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