Economic Development & Construction

A Year Seen through Science and Technology

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is attaching importance to science and technology and speeding up the building of a powerful socialist country by dint of science and technology.

It induces the scientists and technicians to work their brains and improve their ability with a determination to go ahead of the world and thus discharge their responsibility and role as pacemakers for the development of science and technology.

A ceremony of awarding the February 16 Science and Technology Prize, the highest one of the country, is held in Korea every year.

In Juche 108(2019), too, many scientists, technicians, teachers and officials who made a contribution to the development of science and technology of the country were awarded the February 16 Science and Technology Prize and five persons including Yu Chol Jun, Department Head of Kim Il Sung University, were selected as the best state scientists and technicians in 2018.


Such awarding ceremony becomes an important occasion to extraordinarily increase the creative spirit of scientists and technicians.

All the scientists and technicians have set high goals and devoted all their wisdom and enthusiasm to scientific researches for developing core technologies which are practical and of great economic significance.

In early December creations for people were inaugurated in succession in Korea, giving a great pleasure to the people.

Scientists who went to the spot actively created rational building methods and manufactured equipment necessary for speeding up the projects by their own efforts and technology. In this way, they successfully solved the technical issues arising in the whole process of the projects, making a contribution to bringing earlier the day of completion.


Amid the active scientific farming, more and more units and agricultural workers contributed to reaping a good harvest.

Scientists made hundreds of valuable research findings; they bred new high-yield varieties suited to the geographical features of the country with a lot of mountains and limited crop area, and developed multi-nutritional agents for rice seedbed.

Like this, the Korean scientists made great efforts to solve the scientific and technological problems badly needed for strengthening the independence and Juche character of the economy and improving the people’s livelihood.

Many ultramodern technical goods were presented to national sci-tech presentations and exhibitions including the National Sci-tech Presentation and Exhibition in the Field of Materials and the 10th National Exhibition of University Scientific Research Findings held in September and November, drawing public attention.

In this course, excellent achievements and experiences made in scientific researches were widely introduced and generalized.

The scientific and technological achievements made in Korea in Juche 108(2019) actively promoted the building of a powerful socialist country.

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