Children of Korea

Home of Happy Children

A nursery named after the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk is in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The nursery with more than 70-year-long history is not only well-known to the Korean people but also draws many foreign vistors to Korea. It is a weekly nursery for women who are busy with social activities.

Some time ago, I visited the Kim Jong Suk Nursery at the foot of the picturesque Moran Hill.

I went into the entrance hall via the yard built harmoniously like a flowery hill in a fairy tale and found that the floor has been covered with different kinds of beautiful precious stones representing azalea blossoms, lily of the valley and white apricot blossoms of Hoeryong.

Head Ri Yong Ok said the gem-inlaid marble floor for the children could be made thanks to the care of the state and continued:
“Ours could be wonderfully built into the first nursery of Korea under the great loving care of the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk. After liberation of the country, Kim Jong Suk proposed building the nursery, chose the site for it and guided its construction. And she gave specific instructions to the issues on good nutrition for the children and their hygiene care and on making a day’s routine run through songs and dance.”

I went upstairs and heard children laughing boisterously in their rooms.


Behind the glass partition some children were seen playing with various toys and others carefully listening to a nurse with their bright eyes.

I entered a room, captivated by dancing children in beautiful rainbow-striped garments.

Pictures on the clothes chests caught my eyes.

Nurse Kim Hye Yong told me a story about the pictures.

“Originally, we had written the names of children on their clothes and shoe chests. While looking round the nursery, Kim Jong Suk said the children could not recognize their clothes chests because they did not know the letters. And she taught that different pictures such as apple, peach, puppy and plane should be drawn and the children will like them and it will be very good to develop their intelligence and emotion.”

The children’s rooms have all conditions for life of the children including sleeping and playing compartments. They are snug in accordance with the children’s minds.


Really cute were the children singing and dancing to the organ. Looking at them, I didn’t know the passage of time.

At the snack time the children took bread and milk with gusto. It is said that they have the snack time twice a day.

Then, I followed children to the general playing hall.

It was really interesting to see the children mimicking animals or measuring who is taller in front of the large mirrors on every floor.


I also spent a pleasant time together with the children taking a slide or playing on the swing and plane.


I looked round the room with different kinds of musical instruments, the intellectual playroom and the nature study room with stuffed deer and bear which seem to be running out at once, appetizing pumpkin and flower trees with green leaves.

The nursery has been wonderfully built to be conducive to the nursing and upbringing of the children.

I played with children so interestingly that I did not know when the sun set.
The children fell asleep under warm quilts. They were the happy children with nothing to envy in the world.

What a good dream would they have tonight? Thinking so, I left the nursery.

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