We Are Yearning For His Benevolent Image

By Kim Son Sil, Director of the Songchongang Forwarding Company

Whenever December comes round, all the Korean people are filled with a surging yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il. Such a feeling is more keenly felt by us officials and employees of the Songchongang Forwarding Company.

On December 10, 2011, Chairman Kim Jong Il, in spite of unusually severe cold and bitter sea wind, visited our company, a small aquatic processing base situated along the coast in Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province.

His first leg of visit was to the aquatic processing ground, where the processed goods were on display in its hall. Looking over the exhibits, he got familiar with their processing and packing methods.

That day the Chairman looked round several places of the company.

After looking for a while at the workers engaged in the processing, he moved to the general command room. There, seeing the workers in white overalls in the third-stage processing ground screened with glass, he said that the workplace was clean and at a high level of hygienic condition.

When I explained the company’s activities, the Chairman expressed his satisfaction with the company’s great foundation for aquatic production and ample conditions and facilities for keeping and raising fish, fast-freezing a large amount of fish a day, cold-storing several thousands of tons of fish and processing fish at the second and third stages. He also spoke highly of the fact that we had concrete piers and many fishing vessels.

At his words of praise, I looked backed on the days when we set up the company.

It was in June 1998 when the country was undergoing the Arduous March and the forced march that the company was instituted. At first we had to face untold difficulties and ordeals as we were dependent on other fishery stations for catching and processing fish.

Then we buckled down to work, with a firm determination that there is nothing else to believe but our own efforts and science and technology. We worked out a correct business strategy, enlisted the intelligence and efforts of all the employees and pushed forward with the production activities. In the course of this the company began to prosper and its workforce increased from six to several hundreds.

When he was told at the room dedicated to the company’s history that I worked as the company director for over a decade since its establishment, the Chairman highly appreciated that I worked hard to implement the Party’s policies and strengthen the material and technological foundations of the company.

At the fish keeping and raising ground teeming with flatfish, flounder, hairy crab, rock fish, shellfish and other fish, he learned about the fish processing and their transaction and instructed that aquatic goods should be turned out in larger quantities and sold to people.

Appreciating the nano products made with chitosan extracted from crab shells which our company produced in close collaboration with researchers from Kim Il Sung University, he spoke highly of it and said that we should intensify the research work.

That day Chairman Kim Jong Il posed for a photograph with us in front of the aquatic processing ground. Leaving the company, he spoke earnestly that we should work with devotion for the good of the people and promised that he would visit us again in warm weather.

At that time we never thought he would pass away suddenly from excessive fatigue on the field guidance trip after a week.

However, we did not merely shed the tears. We rose as one to render a great contribution to the betterment of the people’s diet, with a single desire that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, identical with Chairman Kim Jong Il, would visit us.

Our company turns out a wide variety of processed and raw fish every year. We have established a modern production line of nanoized goods in scores of kinds, including nano-gold polysaccharide injection and nano-gold chitosan solution.

It is our unanimous will that we will devote our all to the good of the people whom Chairman Kim Jong Il treasured and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un takes so much care of.

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