Economic Development & Construction

To Develop Competitive Medicines


Competitive goods are the face of a unit concerned. That’s why every unit in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is trying to make competitive goods which can represent itself.

The Jangmyong Ultramodern Medical Supplies Development and Exchange Company under the Hospital of the Pyongyang University of Medicine is directing efforts to the development of medical supplies with competitive edge, contributing to the improvement of the people’s health.

The secret of its successes lies in the fact that it is making persistent efforts with correct methodology in the development.

Director Choe Kwang Hyok says:
“At present, our company is working with established principles.

One of them is to maintain the principle of systematization in developing medicines and the other is to keep the principle of developing medical appliances to make them multi-functional.”

The company is not so large. But the bio-calcium nutritive pill and the Angunguhwang injection it made are widely known to be efficacious against osteoarthritis and cerebral vascular diseases.

Those medicines won great popularity as soon as they were developed. But those in the company did not rest content with it.

They constantly intensified researches to further strengthen the pharmacological function of the medicines. In the course, they developed an advanced technology capable of specially processing the hard bone of a mammal similar to the bone structure of human body and studied and established a new technology which can separate the effective elements with higher purity from the plants like Salvia mileriorrhiza and Angelica Polymorpha and optimize their proportion.

With the introduction of the technologies, the pharmacological function of the medicines has become much better than that of the initial days and they are now favored by people.

The company actively tried to find a rational way to develop new medicines with materials rich at home while making a wide and deep study of the constitutional features of Koreans, the custom of their dietary life, physiological characteristics of human body and their interaction. As a result, different kinds of medicines including the eye lotion specially efficacious against conjunctivitis have been developed in succession to remove the source of incidence of diseases, prevent in advance the incidence of complication possible in the course of treatment and completely cure the diseases.

The company has also directed efforts to researches for developing and manufacturing medical appliances with greater utility while making a deep study of the world trend of development of public health and thus succeeded in making a new multi-functional cardiovascular system examiner with tens of kinds of functions.

Today the medicines of the Jangmyong Ultramodern Medical Supplies Development and Exchange Company under the Hospital of the Pyongyang University of Medicine are popular among Koreans.

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