Song Info: “General, This Is the Forefront”


The song “General, This Is the Forefront” was created in Juche 85(1996) with poem by Sin Pyong Gang and music by People’s Artist Ri Jong O. It is a masterpiece which gives a vivid artistic picture of the long march of patriotic devotion of the great leader Kim Jong Il.

Kim Chol Min, Section Chief of the Juche Literature Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences, says:
“The song ‘General, This Is the Forefront’ was created when our Republic was undergoing harsh trials owing to the intensified moves of the imperialists to isolate and stifle it and repeated natural disasters.

At that time, the great Kim Jong Il firmly defended the destiny of the country and happiness of the people with arms, crossing rugged passes and mountains on the forefront.

The song truthfully represents his immortal exploits with impressive poetic words.”

The first and second stanzas sing of the emotion of soldiers seeing Kim Jong Il who visited their far-off and rugged forefront post and inspired them with bravery.

The third stanza powerfully represents the iron will of the Korean people to resolutely defend him, firmly believing and following him in any adversity.
The earnest yet elegant melody of the song emphasizes the content of the lyrics.

The song is sung loudly today, too, telling the immortal exploits performed by Kim Jong Il for the country and people.

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