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Participants in Study Tour of Revolutionary Battle Sites Take Oath

Youth and students from across the country on a study tour of the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu held a meeting to adopt a letter to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in front of the statue of Chairman Kim Jong Il in Samjiyon City, Ryanggang Province on Monday.

The letter to Kim Jong Un was read out at the meeting.

The letter said that all the participants in the ongoing study tour cherished in their minds the spirit of devotedly defending the leader, the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude and the indomitable fighting spirit displayed by the revolutionary forerunners in the vast area of Mt Paektu through practical experience, not as a memory of historical facts.

It said that the historical relics preserved in the thick forests of Mt Paektu and the slogan-bearing trees representing the revolutionary spirit of the anti-Japanese forerunners boosted the zeal of the youth and students, who are on the study tour while looking back upon the exploits of the peerlessly great persons related to the area of Mt Paektu, to make a revolution.

The participants, in the letter, expressed the will to regard the revolutionary traditions of Paektu and the revolutionary spirit of Paektu as their eternal lifeline and demonstrate the honor of the reserves of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the advancing group for implementing Party’s policy in the ongoing general offensive to realize the desire of the peerlessly great persons to build a powerful country.

In the letter, they solemnly vowed to staunchly carry on the march started from Mt Paektu under the leadership of Kim Jong Un and build a prosperous socialist power in the revolutionary spirit of Paektu.

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