Directing Efforts To Modernizing Medical Equipment

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has doctors and medical service institutions everywhere people live, that are taking care of them with responsibility for their health.

A hospital has been built at Kim Chaek University of Technology, a centre for training scientific and technical personnel of the country, so that the teaching staff and students can get necessary medical help in time.

U Sung Ho, Director of the Hospital of Kim Chaek University of Technology, says: “We are conducting the hygienic information and health check-up properly in accordance with the characteristics of the hospital which is in charge of the health of the teaching staff and students of the university. We are also persistently pushing ahead with the work to improve the qualifications of doctors and modernize the medical equipment in order to raise the level of medical service.”

The hospital is not large, but it has special departments, departments in charge of boarding students and researchers, sickrooms and medical equipment and apparatuses for diagnosis and treatment.

In recent years, the medical workers of the hospital have modernized its medical equipment and apparatuses, directing great efforts to improving the quality of medical service.

Of course, it was not easy for them to remodel the medical facilities while giving medical treatment. What was most difficult for them was to remake the electronic elements in the medical equipment and solve the problems of technical engineering.

They devoted all their speculation and enthusiasm, conscious that their job would contribute to training the scientific and technical personnel of the country.

Solving one by one the technical issues arising in remodeling the equipment with concerted efforts of researchers of the university, they made painstaking efforts to find a way to improve their performance. As a result, the medical facilities of the hospital have been updated, accuracy of diagnosis guaranteed in clinical practice and the efficiency of treatment improved.

The medical workers of the hospital are steadily raising their clinical and practical level, so that the modernized medical equipment can prove more effective in treatment.

Now increasing in the hospital is the number of doctors with special skills in curing the incurable diseases and the quality of medical service by modern facilities for diagnosis and treatment is also improved.

Doctor Kang Mi Gyong says: “I am a medical worker responsible for health of the students. Seeing the students studying in good health and preparing themselves as scientific and technical personnel, we, the medical workers, feel a boundless pride.”

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