Patriotic People

A Song Telling the World of Love


While sleeping in warm quilt
I suddenly wake up and think
If I know all the love shown by the General
I feel your love in the front room of my house
I feel your love in the back room of my house
Though I am so aged that my tears run dry
I shed tears with gratitude
O General Kim Jong Il
You are the incarnation of love

This is the song “Thought of Love” written by Ri In Mo, Twice Hero of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Winner of National Reunification Prize, in his lifetime.

Along with the song which was widely known to the world, people tell as a legend the benevolent love of the great leader Kim Jong Il who invigorated dying Ri In Mo and enabled him to lead a worthwhile life as revolutionary.

Ri In Mo was active as a war correspondent during the fierce Fatherland Liberation War in the 50s of the last century. After he was arrested by the enemy, he suffered in jail for 34 years in south Korea. But he could be sent back to the DPRK thanks to the loving care of Kim Jong Il.


He remained faithful to the principles of revolutionary and was repatriated. At that time the medical circles had already thought he did not have much time left.


Ri In Mo was thought to be beyond medical rehabilitation but under the care of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, he glorified his life as a revolutionary living until 90.

Though he had many things to manage the state affairs, Kim Jong Il spared nothing for health and life of Ri In Mo.

Busy as he was with his inspection of the front and field guidance tour, he learned about Ri’s illness and took measures to recover his health on several occasions.

He also bestowed favours on him so that he could fully enjoy a happy life in a new good house, the life he had failed to enjoy.


Kim Jong Il spared nothing for his comrades. His great love added pulsation to the heart of Ri In Mo and enabled him to turn his destiny.

Under his loving care Ri In Mo splendidly performed his duty as a war correspondent until the last moment of his life as a recipient of the Order of Kim Il Sung, hero of the country and incarnation of faith and will.



His granddaughter O Po Ram says: “In fact, it was a matter of course as a soldier trusted by his leader and as a revolutionary that my grandfather fought to keep his faith in south Korea for 34 years.

However, the great Kim Jong Il put him forward as the incarnation of faith and will and showed all love and affection he could to him.

As he regarded the love and trust as great and grateful, my grandfather took up his pen to write songs and books in praise of Kim Jong Il.

Even now, I often sing the songs written by my grandfather.
Of them, I sing the song ‘Thought of Love’ more often.

It is the song of thanks, the song of gratitude my grandfather dedicates to Kim Jong Il, most grateful in the world.”

Ri In Mo honoured his life in the bosom of the great man. His life teaches the coming generations how the faith of revolutionary is defended and honoured, telling forever about the comradely love of Kim Jong Il along with the song “Thought of Love”.

While walking with my grandson
I stop suddenly and think
If I know all the love shown by the General
I shivered in the cold prison
I had to live on cane
What is your great love?
Knowing it belatedly, I shed tears
O General Kim Jong Il
You are the incarnation of love

I’ve known such unique love
After crossing the demarcation line
I will always remember the love of the General
The love that taught me what the motherland is like
The love that taught me what the revolution is like
You infinitely treasured and put me forward
Thank you for your trust
O General Kim Jong Il
You are the incarnation of love


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