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Piro Peak of Mt. Kumgang


Mt. Kumgang is standing in the central east coast of Korea.

It is known as one of the six celebrated mountains of Korea and a world-famous mountain for its diverse, magnificent, beautiful and singular scenery of multifarious shapes.

Piro Peak, the highest peak of Mt. Kumgang, is 1,639 meters above the sea level.

It overlooks a multitude of peaks of the mountain, soft and quiet Inner Kumgang, magnificent Outer Kumgang, superb Sea Kumgang and the beautiful East Sea of Korea.

The area of Piro Peak presents a peculiar scene of alpine plants that cannot be seen at the foot of the mountain. The top of the peak on which the clouds are said to take a rest before passing is so cold and windy that only lying trees are found there including Pinus pumila and lying juniper as well as blueberry and rhododendron growing on the highlands.

Going up Piro Peak, you will pass hundreds of meter-long rock chain which looks like a ladder leading to the sky. Under the morning sun, it is silvery and under the evening glow, it is golden yellow. So it is called Silver Ladder or Gold Ladder.

Every year, many working people, youth and students come to Mt. Kumgang to enjoy recreation and sightseeing. Foreign tourists also admire its exquisite scenery.

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