To Break Through The Cutting Edge

The medical research team of the Kim Man Yu Hospital is making great services to the promotion of people’s health and protection of their life by introducing a single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS), a cutting-edge technology in the abdominal surgery, into treating appendicitis and cholecystitis.

This surgery had been the monopoly of only a few developed countries.

The existing method is to make 3 or 4 incisions in the abdomen and insert several surgical instruments into them. But, the new method is a sophisticated surgery that requires an operator to have excellent practical ability, rich clinical experience and dexterity to put several instruments into a single incision for operation.

Based on close studies of advanced methods, Jo Ye Rim and other members of the abdominal surgical department succeeded in making a single-incision laparoscopic surgery port, a trocar to perform appendectomy and other instruments in a unique way as suited to the physical constitution of Koreans and are now applying the SILS for operation for appendicitis.

Their method has such advantages as reducing the size of incised part by only 1 cm, postoperative pain and treatment period.

Foreign medical workers who performed joint operations with Jo Ye Rim on several occasions expressed their feelings as follows:

-“I have so far given lectures and practical trainings and performed operations in over 120 countries, but I’ve never seen such a brilliant doctor as him in the DPRK. I want to make researches together with him.”

“The operator is very proficient. The SILS can be done only by professors. I am amazed at the fact that the SILS is being applied in the DPRK.”

“His operation is perfect and excellent. The SILS in the DPRK is on the world level.”

The members of the medical research team are now devoting all their wisdom and passion to the research for applying the SILS to the treatment of cancerous diseases, thus going beyond the cutting edge of medical science.

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