Nature & Green Energy

Hotel Has An Eye On Resource-Saving


“Every business strives to be a resource-saving establishment in the country at present. It is a vital matter for our hotel as it consumes much electricity and water that are important material resources of the country,” said Jo Ryong Gi, manager of the Haebangsan Hotel.

According to him, there are well over a hundred guest rooms, kitchens, and service networks and the temperature of hot water that is steadily supplied for them is 45-50°C.

“We relied only on electric power to boil such large quantities of water in the past. But we’ve introduced solar water heaters to meet the demand for hot water while saving much electricity supplied by the state,” said hotel staffer Ri Hye Ryon.

The two solar water heaters on the rooftop have a capacity of five cubic meters each, ensuring a sufficient supply of hot water around the clock.

Water is heated by them in an instant in summer and dozens of cubic meters of hot water are supplied to everywhere in the hotel.

In winter water from the central heating system is preheated with a quick speed heater before being heated by the solar water heaters, thereby ensuring water temperature while saving electricity.

“We established the automatic control system for the supply of hot and cold water,” said staffer Kim Chol Ryong.

This system makes it possible to monitor the conditions of water tanks in real time and automatically control pumps to supply hot water uninterruptedly, and to measure and display daily hot water output and hot and cold water consumption.

The hotel also established an automatic power management system.

And it set up the integrated management system by linking such resource management systems and the business management system which has been in operation for more than ten years.

As a result, it has annually saved 300,000 kWh of electricity, 5 percent of its manpower, and lots of materials and funds for repairs.

“Since the actual profits we earn contributes to the economic development of the country, we harden our resolve to work harder. We will redouble our efforts for the establishment of a resource-saving business and thereby make our hotel a model of intelligent building,” said the manager.


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