Pyongyang Ostrich Farm

At the time of its founding in September 1998, Pyongyang Ostrich Farm had only a few buildings in the northern suburbs of Pyongyang for raising several hundred ostriches.

After over 20 years since then, the farm has been expanded in scale and capacity beyond recognition.

Covering an area of 550,000 square meters, it has over 110 confinements for breeding 10,000 ostriches, hatching rooms, grounds for cultivating Pispea spreopiopes, protein culture, and other feed, and a meat processing factory.

Officials and employees of the farm have made strenuous efforts to blaze a trail in ostrich raising on the basis of their accumulated experience and modern poultry science and achieved continuous development in business management.

Recently they have established the integrated production system to make all its management activities including hatching, feed supplying, rearing and processing modern and IT-based.

The organic compound fertilizer production base set up in the farm makes a contribution to the production cycle of stockbreeding and feed crop farming and brings a large economic profit.

The farm has achieved remarkable technological successes in the selection and rearing of superior breeds and the development of highly efficient feed additives, and it is pushing ahead with the research work to raise a new breed of ostrich.

The farm’s meat processing factory turns out a wide range of delicious and nutritious meat products and craftworks and ornaments made with ostrich feathers, eggshells, leather, and bones, and they are supplied to commercial establishments.

A lot of people and tourists visit the farm to learn from the farm’s experience and spend the pleasant time.

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